Parashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh

Parashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh

Do you know that the Parashar Lake is a must visit tourist destination during the tour of the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh? If not, today, we are here to tell you about this charming natural lake. Each year, thousands and thousands of holiday enjoy takers, romantic couples and backpackers from every nook and corner of India as well as the world head to this beautiful destination to enjoy the tour. Continue reading “Parashar Lake in Himachal Pradesh”


Bring all your travel – minded friends to Himachal Pradesh



Himachal Pradesh is an immaculate travel spot dip in pure natural beauty. Its snow-covered hills, beautiful inexperienced landscape, opaque forests, beautiful lakes, spiritual sites, regal forts and palaces and good-looking walkways make it a must-visit destination of North Asian country. Wildlife journey are the alternative captivating attractions of Himachal Pradesh. Continue reading “Bring all your travel – minded friends to Himachal Pradesh”