Find some peace inside the temple of Himachal

Himachal Pradesh Temples

Himachal is the famous state in India and most of the income is generated from tourism. You can expect to visit hills, lakes, valleys and rivers. This is really a place where most of the people would like to visit. You will not return this state without exploring it. Continue reading “Find some peace inside the temple of Himachal”


Dharamshala an untold destination of Himachal


I am also a big fan of Dalai Lama and his principal towards the life. Keeping in mind that we should live every moment of our life, I planned a trip to Dharamshala, an important Buddhist pilgrimage site. Continue reading “Dharamshala an untold destination of Himachal”

10 Beautiful Places to See Snow Falls in India

snow falls in India

When we hear the news of snowfall in the north part of India, all other promises of the life goes disappear. Know all the best places to travel during snowfall in India. Don’t stop yourself to getting cozy in the sipping hot beverages inside your room. Continue reading “10 Beautiful Places to See Snow Falls in India”

An impressive guide to honeymoon in Himachal

Amazing Himachal

Are you considering a perfect honeymoon? If you are going to decide that the culturally rich, breath-taking beautiful and gloriously un-crowded Himachal Pradesh is already at the top of your list. Continue reading “An impressive guide to honeymoon in Himachal”

Top things to discover during Himachal Holiday

Beauty himachal pradesh

How effectively you can describe the nature at its best? Sometimes we don’t find words to describe and our eyes witness penning the spirit of amazing natural beauty. That’s why a trip to Himachal Pradesh leaves you enthralled. Continue reading “Top things to discover during Himachal Holiday”

Best attractions to explore under 50 KM of Kullu Manali

Himachal tour packages

Kullu-Manali is a beautiful part of Himachal Pradesh and packed with amazing sceneries to see. It is a land where snow-covered mountain peaks touch a clear sky. Continue reading “Best attractions to explore under 50 KM of Kullu Manali”

Find out the loveliness of Himachal Pradesh

loveliness of Himachal Pradesh

Lush valleys, covering peaks and deep gorges cut out by rives bloody down the mighty range, Himachal Pradesh is far and away the country’s most well liked and simply accessible hill state. An inordinateness of journey activities, associate degree abundance of scenic destinations and friendly locals are enough for travelers to crowd sites such as – Shimla and Manali, which are among the simplest places to go in Himachal, for a wonderful break. Continue reading “Find out the loveliness of Himachal Pradesh”