Famous Bhrigu Lake to see in Manali

Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake is very famous tourist place and a picturesque water body that draws numerous travelers every year. Positioned at a height of approx 4240 m from the ground, this lake is bordered by high snow-covered mountains from all sides. There are a number of faiths and legends associated with the lake that adds a religious importance to it. As per the legend belief, Rishi Bhrigu, a popular saint of the Hindu religion, meditated at this place. The lake is considered as the holy site where a number of devotees take a bath to get rid of their sins. Nehru Kund – a natural spring, adds extra beauty in the Bhrigu Lake.

For nature lovers and photographers, Bhrigu Lake is an unavoidable charm! You will get the best views in sunrise when morning sun rays fall on the waters of the lake, it reflects and shine like a star. The lake is amazing and you will have a nice time while spending sometime in the midst of nature. Apart from gazing the beauty of the lake, you can also enjoy the trekking.

If you are a part-time trekkers who are looking for sprawling hue of the Himalayan range and the amazing atmosphere once for a lifetime, the Bhrigu Lake trek in the Himachal Himalaya is the best choice from the list of simple treks here that lies in and around Manali. The lake is situated in the middle of the picturesque landscape is considered to be freeze and takes the shape of a disc and often the route is dubbed as the Frozen Disc Trek. Further, the journey is encircled by the influence of the traditional colors of the state reflecting from the villages positioned in the hills. The trail passes through the famous hamlet of the Vashishth that is at a height of 3,600m.

The lake trek, which is one of the shortest treks in and around Manali, starts from the famous hill station and leads to Gulaba and from there the trail continues to Kothi Thel that is at an elevation of 2,900m. After a steep ascend from Kothi Thel the route winds up for an overnight camp at the vicinity of Bhrigu Lake and there again the tour starts for Vashisht Thel on the way to Pandu Ropa. The downhill trek leads to Vashishth village and the tour presents the trekker a great sight of the whole Kullu Valley. The route down to Manali passes through a dense forest and slowly turns into the apple garden and ultimately reaches the Vashisht hot spring then Manali.

How to reach Bhrigu Lake

Bhrigu Lake can be reachable only by trekking and you require at least two days. Good guide and porters. There are two options ….

  1. Take a vehicle to go up to Gulaba, start climbing to the base camp for the overnight stay, then next day early in the morning go to the lake and walk downward from Bhrigu to Vashishtha village.
  2. You really need to be truly good trekker it will be 10hours walk

The Bhrigu Lake Trek is open all through the year and it is about a journey of 7 – 8 days from Manali. The journey looks like a different choice for family vacationers also. Book Manali tour packages from Hyderabad and enjoy your trip to this beautiful place.


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