Best Tourist Place Kangra Fort in Himachal Pradesh


The Himachal Pradesh is not only known for its famous natural beauty but also for historical things in the form of rural villages, temples and monuments depicts about the ancient times. Your historical trip to Himachal Pradesh is incomplete with no a tour to the Kangra fort. Situated approx 20km away from Dharamshala, Kangra fort holds interesting past and religious significance.   

Established on a sheer mountain, the Kangra fort is situated at the meeting point of the Patal Ganga and the Banganga River. The only way to reach the fort is from the city’s side. Kangra was once the primary states of Punjab and Kangra fort was considered as the center of power in this state. Muslim rulers failed to take control of the fort and remained a stable shelter for kings who ruled hilly areas.

The building of generous Kangra fort was made to order by the rulers of the royal state of Kangra. It is now take care by the Archeological survey of India. The fort’s past relates to century ago history of Mughal Emperor Jahangir and Mahmud Ghazni. The initial location to the Kangra fort in the available historical records was made to the ruthless attacks of Muhammad Ghazni in 1009 AD. The fort was captured by Muhammad Tughlaq in 1337 AD. Once again in 1351, the fort was captured by the Muhammad Tughlaq, but later conquered by the Mughal King Jahangir in 1621 AD. Later in the 1786, King Sansar Chand Katoch recovered control of the fort. After fighting various wars with native hill chiefs, the Gurkhas of Nepal and others, he initially gave up the fort to King Ranjit Singh, a well-liked Sikh ruler.

The Kangra fort displays a superb combination of medieval and oldest architectures. With huge walls on all parts, the fort lies over a huge region. Distinctive black stones were used by architects for the building of external walls of the fort. The names of ruling kings are written on the entrance gate. Walls of the fort wrap a circuit of about 4km.

Apart from wonderful fort, you will also find temple, museum and palace situated inside the edge of the fort also attract traveler. As you enter the fort, you will experience the oldest times of Kings and dynasties. Some of the popular gates in the fort are the Ranjit Singh Darwaja, the Ahni Darwaja, the Andheri Darwaja, the Jahangir Darwaja and the Darshani Darwaja.

How to reach there?

The fort is situated just about 6km in south – west from Kangra city. Just 5km away from the bus stand, a well cemented road makes its route. Continuous state transport buses run from all part of the state, Chandigarh and Delhi. Once you have reached Kangra, you can either rent a cab or board on the buses that run regularly.

The Kangra fort is a great monument to experience in Himachal Pradesh. It looks massive, great and mesmerizing, even during your first visit. Book himachal tour package from delhi and get a chance to explore the amazing beauty of the fort.


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