Memorable Visit to Sultan Pur Palace at Sultan Pur in Kullu


Have you ever heard of the Sultan Pur Palace? If not, you must know about this luxurious palace. The Sultan Pur Palace, which is situated in Kullu, is a must visit during the tour of Kullu Manali.

Sultan Pur Palace

Formerly known as the ‘Rupi Palace (Raja Rupi Kulu Palace)’, because of being related to Raja Rupi of Kullu, the Sultan Pur Palace, which has been recently renovated as it was damaged by an earthquake, is counted among the most visited points of interest in Kullu. Once used a residence by the rulers of the Kullu Valley, this ancient palace owns some charming miniature wall paintings made in a wonderful combination of British colonial and Pahari style of Kullu based on various themes. All these paintings display the simple rural backgrounds of the ordinary rural backgrounds of the people of the locality of Kullu and Manali with human pictures in them. This palace, which was damaged by an earthquake, was recently rebuilt through its remnants.

To build the huge gates leading to the entrance of the palace, massive wooden logs were used. The interior of the palace is wonderful and in the palace, one can find some well preserved charming wall paintings. The supervising presence of Lord Ganesha can be taken at the entrance to the palace with a magnificent look with massive gates of massive wooden logs.

Renowned for its great number of attractive miniature paintings made in the charming blend of British Colonial and Pahari style of Kullu, the Sultan Pur Palace, which has been the residence of the previous ruling family of Kullu, is a must visit during the tour of Kullu Manali. The style of the miniature paintings is based on the rural backgrounds and scenic designs without any human element comprised in them. It means that these paintings lack human elements in them.

Point of Importance

Through the surroundings of the palace, one can take the fine glimpse of the breathtaking natural charm of the Kullu area. This palace, which is very popular among the tourists as well as locals, is one of the heritage places for paying a visit in the Kullu district in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh. In this area, it is counted among the finest places to be visited. Speaking of the wonderful specimen of great engineering, this palace also offers some of the sculptures belonged to the previous rulers of the Kullu Valley.

All the year round, a great number of tourists pay a visit to this beautiful palace. Counted among the most significant historical monuments, famous for their association with the royal family of the previous rulers of Kullu and also with the main deity of the  Kullu Valley, Raghunath Ji, the Sultan Pur Palace is a must visit during the tour of Kullu Manali.


The Sultan Pur Palace is situated at Sultan Pur in Kullu at a distance of 100 m from the Raghunath Temple, Kullu and 0.5 km from the Kullu Bus Stand.


This amazing palace was rebuilt close to the original old palace after it was damaged by a fatal earthquake in 1905 A.D.


This current luxurious palace, which has been replaced the original structure that was damaged by the earthquake in the region of Kullu in 1905 A.D., has been newly rebuilt in the blend of the British Colonial and Pahari styles of architecture. At the time of the new erection, the original form of the structure was preserved at the time of the recent erection.


For paying a visit to the palace, the tourists will have to grant a permission from the residents (the previous royal family members) of it since it is the private residence of the previous ruling family of Kullu.

Best Time to Visit

Though you can pay a visit to the Sultan Pur Palace any time of the year, yet the time of the Kullu International Dussehra Festival, which is perfect for getting the feel of the essence of Kullu, is best for you.

It is notable that the celebration of the Dussehra festival has begun since 1651 A.D., when an image of Lord Raghunath Ji brought from Ayodhya was installed in the Raghunath Temple built by Raja Jagat Singh as the symbol of repentance. During a weeklong celebration comprising Rathyatra (Chariot journey) of Raghunath Ji, a great number of visitors from every nook and corner of the country as well as the world escape to Sultan Pur in Kullu.

Before the beginning of the season of the Monsoon, the time of the summer months from March to mid June is the best time to visit the Sultan Pur Palace. During the months of summer, some other activities and nearby sightseeing can have the possibilities to be performed.

Main Points

Function: – Palace

Type: – Residential Palace

Category: – History and Culture


A Blend of British Colonial and Pahari styles of Architecture

Location (Address of Venue)

Sultan Pur, Kullu, Himachal Pradesh

Constructed (originally): 1660 A.D. by Raja Jagat Singh

Closing Days: – No Day

Opening Hours: – 06:00 a.m. to 07:00 p.m.

Preferred Visiting Hours: – 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m. (Morning, and Afternoon)

Time Required for Visiting: – 1 Hour approx

Entry Fee: – INR 30/- (Adult)

Popular among

God Lovers, History Lovers, Couples, Group, Solo, Family, and Photographers

Photography: – allowed

Facilities: Camera, Video Camera, and Footwear

Public Conveniences: Washrooms

Famous for: Attractive Miniature Paintings in Kullu Style

How to Reach There

Having very good connectivity with the major cities of the northern part of India such as Delhi, Amritsar, Chandigarh, Shimla, Ambala, and Manali, Kullu can be reached without any hindrance.

Situated at a distance of 100 – 120 km from the town of Kullu, Joginder Nagar is the nearest railway station to Kullu. From the railway station, you can take a bus or taxi to access the town of Kullu or to the palace directly.

Thus, we can rightly say that the Sultan Pur Palace is a must visit during the tour of Kullu Manali. If you are also willing to pay a visit to this luxurious palace, you can book Kullu Manali Tour Packages from Mumbai. All of these holiday packages, which are available at reasonable prices, can also be customized as per the requirement of the clients.


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