Feel Holiness of Very Ancient Manu Maharishi Temple at Old Manali


Popularly called the ‘Valley of the Gods’, the Manali Valley, which is situated in the gorgeous valley of the Beas River, is home to a great number of points of interest. Located on the banks of the Beas River in the Kullu district in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, the Manali Valley, which is home to a number of charming hill stations, is counted among the most preferred tourist destinations of Himachal Pradesh as well as the country.

Also called ‘original Manali’, Old Manali village, which is renowned for its old guesthouses and orchards, is home to the ruined fort, Manaligarh. The area of Old Manali is linked with main market through a road passing through the Manali Community Center.

Manu Maharishi Temple

Situated at Old Manali at a distance of around 3 km northwest from the main market and the Mall Road of Manali, the Manu Maharishi Temple, which is dedicated to ancient Sanatan Hindu lawgiver Indian sage Manu, considered as the divine creator of the human race on earth, and the writer of ‘Manusmriti’, as per the Hindu mythology, is believed to be the sole temple of Manu in all over the country. Counted among the most visited temples in Manali, this temple, which is surrounded by lush green forests, is situated at the spot, believed to have been the residing and the meditation place of Manu.

This charming sacred structure has a five storey Pagoda type of roof and a brass ‘Kalasha’ crowning the top. Only making the modest and simple trek to the charming temple more enjoyable, this spot offers a captivating glimpse covered by gorgeous valleys and snow laden mountains. The trek to the temple in itself is a fine experience worth storing. On the walls and pillars of the temple, you can view several intricate scriptures. Having great religious and historic importance, this temple also offers the breathtaking glimpses of the town and the valley of Manali. Outside this temple, you can view stone idols.

This prestigious ancient temple is a famous point of worship for the people of the locality of Manali, who come here daily for offering their prayers to the divine creator of the human race. For considering this temple auspicious and holy, the people of the locality pay a visit to it every day. Because of having the fact of being the only one temple dedicated to Manu – the creator of the humanity, this temple is also very popular.

Since unknown times, the Manu Temple has retained itself as one of the top points of interest in Manali.

This temple looks very wonderful. It is notable that most of the temples in the areas of Manali have been constructed of wood with very fine carving because the wood of cedar (Deodar) is regarded of very excellent quality for any type of construction and due to the strict rules of government in the northern Indian state of Himachal Pradesh, this wood is scarcely available.

Being very well situated in Old Manali from where the entire valley is visible, the Manu Temple offers the wonderful glimpses of the hills on the other side.

Old Manali is home to very old houses which are very well maintained from inside and where several tourists love to stay.

On two sides of the temple, you can find doors through which fresh air and light passes inside the temple to retain it illuminated all time.


Built several centuries ago in the Pagoda style of architecture, this charming structure, which offers its visitors a fascinating glimpse into spirituality, history as well as a magnificent style of architecture, was reconstructed in 1992 A.D. with the addition of the marble floors and vaulted ceiling.


On entering Old Manali, the Manu Temple is found first of all. Offering the wonderful glimpses of magnificent hills on the other side of the Beas River, the area of the Manu Temple is surrounded by clouds. In front of the temple, you can view a large waterfall, which is inaccessible on account of being located on very lofty hills.


Manali city got its growth by the Manaslu River, where the sage wrote Manusmriti and created humanity because of the pristine ambiance and calm nature of this spot. Of course, Manali got its name from the words Manu Alava, meaning the ‘Home of Manu’.

Phagi (Manu Temple Fair)

Known as ‘Phagi’ and open to all, the Manu Temple Fair, which is held each year on the sixth day of the Hindu calendar month Phalgun (Phagun), is a huge fair dedicated to great sage Manu. As per some sources, the temple is the symbol of the spot where Manu Maharaj first stepped on alighting the boat that carried him safely during the world drowning flood. While as per some other people, this spot has been the meditation spot of sage Manu.

Useful Information

  • While inside the temple, people must put on dresses covering the knees and shoulders.
  • It is notable that the Manu Temple is one of the main attractions in and around Manali along with the Hadimba Temple and Rohtang Pass.
  • In spite of being completely congested, the area of the temple looks very beautiful because of the presence of the Beas River and flocked by visitors coming here every nook and corner of the country as well as the world.
  • The tour of Manali is incomplete without paying a visit to this ancient temple. This ancient temple is a must visit place for foreigners.
  • The charm of this temple is enhanced by its location on the bank side of the Beas River.


Main Points

Function: – Temple

Type: – Ancient Hindu Temple

Location (Address of Venue)

Old Manali, Manali, Himachal Pradesh-175131

Reconstructed: 1992 A.D.

Closing Days: – No Day

Opening Hours: – 05:00 a.m. to 09:00 p.m.

Preferred Visiting Hours: – 08:00 a.m. to 06:00 p.m

Time Required for Visiting: – 1 Hour approx

Entry Fee: – Free

Popular among: – God Lovers, Nature Lovers, and Photographers

Photography: – allowed

How to Reach There

Built of wood and stone, this charming temple, which also provides its visitors the chance of taking the fine glimpse of the waterfall, can be accessed by making the uphill walk from the Old Manali bridge. Visitors have to pass through slippery or greasy pebble sand stone paths for reaching the temple.

Visitors can opt for taking a panoramic walk up the hill to the Manu Temple. Being well worth the effort, this walk takes approx half an hour.

Overall, it can be undoubtedly said that the Manu Maharishi Temple is a must visit during the Manali tour. In case of being desirous to pay a visit to this charming ancient temple, you can book Kullu Manali Holiday Packages from Delhi. All of these tour packages, which are available at reasonable prices, can also be customized according to the choice of the clients. If you want to get more information about the tour packages, . I hope that by visiting this ancient temple, you would be capable of making your Manali tour memorable till the everlasting time.


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